Our Services (included in the rent prices)
  • fully furnished rooms and common rooms
  • kitchens equipped with conventional cooking equipment, cutlery and crockery 
  • fully equipped cleaning cupboard
  • bed linen, bath towels, kitchen towels
  • TV, Internet connection, WLAN
  • common rooms cleaned weekly (standard cleaning) and quarterly (thorough cleaning) 
  • supply of consumables (prepaid official rubbish bags, cleaning, rinsing and washing agents, light bulbs, etc.)
  • reception of parcels
  • cleaning at the end of the sublease
We expect our guests to
  • show mutual respect to each other
  • take upon themselves the responsibility for the basic cleanliness of the apartment
  • share responsibility in waste disposal
  • clean the leased room regularly on their own initiative
  • regularly wash the laundry i.e. bed linen, bath towels and kitchen towels etc. placed at their disposal
  • handle the inventory and furniture with care
  • assume the responsibility for any damages to apartment, equipment and inventory
  • observe the house rules, the regulations in the subleasing contract and the instructions of the Guest House Management
  • pay a deposit of CHF 600.- (for renting a room) or of a monthly rent (for renting an apartment) on arrival