Recruitment process

Search, selection and recruitment of new employees is carried out with great care. The basis for a successful recruitment is a complete job description and, derived from this, a requirements profile and job ad. Technical, methodological and social skills, as well as any leadership qualities, are crucial for any hiring decision.

Online application

Enter the required personal data in the application form and upload your complete application documents via our online application tool (including a letter of intent, CV, diplomas and references). Make your motivation clear and describe your interests. This will give us an idea of why you are the ideal candidate for the open position. As soon as your application has been successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.


In the preselection stage, your application will be compared with the job requirements and checked by the selection committee. If we are convinced by your application, we will invite you to a first interview.

Initial interview

Initial interview for academic positions (doctoral candidates, postdocs and academic staff)

The initial interview for academic positions usually takes place with the supervisor and one or two people from the lab/group via video conference. The focus is on your professional qualifications and knowledge, which you should highlight in a short presentation.


Initial interview for technical and administrative positions

The initial interview usually takes place with the supervisor and HR partner via video conference. The focus is on your personality, your professional experience and your qualifications. You will also learn more about the open position and about Empa.

Second interview

Second interview for academic positions (PhD Students, Postdoc, Scientists)

In a second interview, which usually takes place at Empa, you will give a scientific presentation to future team members and superiors of the lab and answer specific questions about your previous projects and experiences. The selection committee, including the HR partner, will usually also ask some questions about your CV. During a short tour of the lab, you will learn more about the open position and get to know your future research environment.


Second interview for technical and administrative positions

In a second interview your technical, methodological and social skills will be looked at in more detail. You will meet potential team members and other supervisors and, if possible, visit the workplace. Depending on the position, an online assessment is carried out.



After the second or third interview, we ask for reference information (with your consent). If your skills and your personality have convinced us, we will send you the employment contract.


You will receive all the information about your entry and your introduction program in due time. We welcome you to Empa and look forward to meeting you!

The procedure is shown in an exemplary fashion.