PhD at Empa

Empa’s research is also propelled by more than 200 highly motivated PhD students. Every year, around 30 of them finish their dissertations and leave Empa to continue their careers at another research institute or in industry. The majority of Empa’s PhD students are enrolled at the two ETHs in Zurich and Lausanne and at Swiss universities. However, PhD students from universities abroad also conduct research at Empa.

The structure of Empa’s PhD program is extremely varied and geared towards exciting, practical research projects in a motivating environment with dedicated supervisors. Thanks to the largely applications-oriented research at Empa, many PhD students have the opportunity to establish valuable contacts with our industrial partners. It is not uncommon for them to “change sides” after they complete their dissertation and work for one of our numerous partner companies.

If you…

  • have completed a degree in science or engineering
  • are interested in interdisciplinary issues in the field of material science and technology
  • are highly motivated and
  • are interested in collaborating with experts from a wide range of fields in research and industry

… then Empa is just the place for your PhD thesis.

We offer…

  • an applications-oriented PhD project
  • experience and training in autonomously running a research project
  • broad knowledge in the field of materials science
  • an education that stands you in good stead for the job market
  • valuable contacts to experts in research and industry
  • training on state-of-the-art facilities, instruments and equipment
  • and much more.

Find out more about Empa’s  current vacancies here.