Our Values – Empa’s HR Policy

1. Objective and purpose
Empa’s human resources (HR) policy provides a framework for making HR decisions. Rather than defining specific actions, it sets out principles that provide the appropriate leeway. Empa’s HR policy is in line with the institutions mission and corporate strategy. It helps to shape the organizational culture and corporate identity.

2. Employees
The primary goal of all employees is to commit to the institution in a way that reflects Empa’s mission and to make an individual contribution to achieving Empa’s goals. In doing so, employees are all expected to exhibit personal responsibility and creativity. Empa offers challenging yet appropriate tasks for all employees in an international, multicultural working environment that offers opportunities for professional and personal development.

3. Collaboration
Interdisciplinary, innovative and dynamic collaboration carried out in a spirit of fairness and flexibility forms the basis for corporate success. Structures are flexible to ensure that they can be adapted to the changing, complex tasks. By treating each other with respect, trust and tolerance, Empa employees create an ideal environment in which new ideas, suggestions and projects can take root and flourish.

4. Management
The primary task of management is to implement Empa’s mission on all employment levels. Superiors agree clear, measurable and realistic goals with their personnel and ensure that tasks, responsibilities and competencies of their staff are commensurate with each other. They encourage self-reliance and an entrepreneurial mindset and action at all levels. It is also the task of management to make certain that employees have scope for creativity and to facilitate a working atmosphere that is conducive to unprejudiced collaboration and mutual trust. To achieve this, agreements that have been made must be respected by everyone. Conflicts should be discussed openly and resolved by means of a fair and clear solution.

5. Recruitment of new employees
Empa recruits people who excel in their field and can offer a wealth of specific experience to fill vacant positions. Personal and social skills are also important factors. Empa markets itself as an attractive, competitive employer that offers its personnel good employment conditions including flexible working models and opportunities for personal development.

6. Staff development
Staff development activities are geared towards meeting Empa’s objectives. Employees are encouraged to develop their potential and utilize it to the full. However, each individual shares responsibility for their own development; appropriate initiatives from employees will be supported. A meeting to plan personal and professional development is held at least once a year. This meeting provides an opportunity for assessment and goal-setting. The goal is to maintain and increase employees' personal employability and ensure that they will be able to cope with changing tasks and requirements in the future. Superiors help their reports to analyze and meet their individual learning and development needs and assist them during the learning process. Superiors attend courses to prepare them for their specific tasks and develop their skills.

7. Equal opportunities and diversity
Empa is responding to the complex challenges of today’s world by taking specific action to promote equal opportunities and diversity. Fairness, integrity, tolerance and respect are core principles; discrimination is not tolerated in any form. At Empa all employees are accorded the same appreciation and respect, and are given the best possible development opportunities. In particular the number of women working in a technical and scientific setting, especially in management positions should be increased.

8. Health
Employees’ physical and mental health is a major priority. Empa attaches major importance to safety at work and ergonomics and protects its employees’ personalities and health.

9. Compensation
Empa pursues a market- and performance-based compensation policy. Employees’ performance, fulfilment of their duties and experience are assessed transparently and fairly and rewarded with appropriate individual compensation. Empa ensures pay parity between men and women.


Human Resources Policy of Empa