Guided Tours at Empa

Fancy a glimpse behind the scenes at Empa and learn more about materials science? On our guided tours in Dübendorf and St. Gallen, we introduce Empa and showcase current projects from our various fields of research. In order to accommodate your needs, we offer two kinds of tours: for specialists and for the interested public.

Group tour for specialists

We put together a program tailored to the needs of specialists and experts linked to Empa’s research activities (groups of 12 people or more). After a brief introduction to Empa’s main research areas, a visit to select labs and research facilities rounds off the tour (duration: between 1.5 and 2.5 hours).

We’d like your brief foray into the world of research to be as impressive an experience as possible. That’s why it is important to get in touch early so that we can discuss possible dates, interests and details (at least one month before the desired visit).

Group tour for the interested public

Interested groups not directly linked to Empa can also sign up for a tour of our labs on a weekday (max. 15 people). These tours are available in German only.

Please send an E-mail to (Dübendorf) or (St. Gallen).


Guided tours of NEST for the general public

Would you like to experience NEST personally and see the innovations in the construction and energy sector with your own eyes? The NEST team offers regular tours for the general public, where you will be guided through the existing units and get an insight into the ongoing development process of NEST. A tour takes about 45 minutes. Please send an E-mail to

St. Gallen