Test and calibration laboratory for mechanical parameters

We operate an accredited test and calibration laboratory (STS 0044 & SCS 0069) at Empa in Duebendorf. We can test of a wide range of equipment types on-site at your premises or, as necessary, calibrate test systems in our laboratory in Duebendorf. We are pleased to place our comprehensive experience and excellent technical equipment at your disposal and look forward to supporting your quality assurance efforts in this way.

Testing and calibration


The broad range of services offered by our accredited laboratory means that with us a comprehensive palette of physical measurement parameters can be traced back to national standards under one roof. The periodic testing and calibration of equipment at regular intervals guarantees the correct monitoring of calibration apparatus and thus the conformity of your company to the appropriate standards. Our portfolio of test and calibration services is used by a large number of national and international companies.

The active participation of our staff in various standardization bodies and expert committees ensures that we are absolutely up-to-date in terms of standards and specialist knowledge. We work closely with the German Association of Material Testing Authorities (VMPA), the German Industrial Standards (DIN) Working Committee on Material Testing Equipment, and the German Calibration Service (DKD).

Thanks to our expertise and neutrality, we are able to offer high quality and independent services. Please do not hesitate to call us for a no-obligation consultation.

We test the following equipment for you (STS 0044):

  • Building material testing systems
  • Extensometers
  • Pre-stressing jacks
  • Impact testers
  • Hardness testers
  • Equipment for determining melting point and flow index
  • Special testing machines

Detailed information on individual areas of activity can be found here.


We calibrate the following equipment for you (SCS 0069):

  • Force transducers
  • Torque sensors
  • Rotation angle sensors
  • Loading rate transducers
  • Length measurement systems
  • Hardness (all techniques in current use)
  • Temperature (sensor in testing chamber)
  • Hydraulic pressure transducers

Detailed information on individual areas of activity can be found here.


If the equipment or type of measurement which interests you is not listed above, please simply contact us. We are happy to advise and support you in finding a solution to your problem!


If you have any reasons for complaints, please do not hesitate and contact us!

Your contacts are the responsible Testing Engineer, our Head of Section, Stefan Hösli or our Head of the Testing and Calibration Lab, Urs Siegenthaler. You will find their contact details on this webpage.

If possible, contact them by mail please, as they are sometimes hard to contact. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!