Mechanical Design and Workshop Facilities

Research and testing activities in the field of materials testing make demanding requirements on the machines, equipment and devices used. It is often not possible to achieve the required results using commercially available equipment and in such cases it is our task, as the responsible internal service provider, to bridge this gap and to develop suitable solutions. Our highest priority is to offer professional support and advice our clients in order to help them achieve the required results in the most efficient manner. Thanks to comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in the areas of mechanical engineering, equipment construction, assembly techniques, material testing devices and equipment (and the associated transducers), coupled with our close contacts with various research groups, we are in a position to develop and implement solutions to demanding problems.

From an initial idea to a functional prototype: mechanical design and workshop facilities

The task faced by our mechanical designers is to develop conceptual ideas and solutions, in close cooperation with internal research partners, for the design of purpose-built equipment. They then complete the detailed design and create a prototype together with our workshop staff.

The workshops, on the Duebendorf and St. Gallen sites, manufacture the necessary parts and assemble them to create a finished system. They also offer repair facilities and carry out maintenance work. In St. Gallen an electronic & software development group is attached to the workshop enabling all-in-one solutions to be developed.


Testing and Calibration Laboratory (STS 0044, SCS 0069)

As an accredited testing and calibration laboratory for material testing machines and equipment (STS 0044) and associated transducers (SCS 0069), we offer our experienced and efficient services not just to internal users but primarily to a national and international clientele.

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Apprentice vocational training in our section

A first-class vocational training program for apprentice technicians is, in our dynamic and multifaceted field of activity, a high priority for us. At our workshops on the Duebendorf and St. Gallen sites we train apprentice multi-skilled technicians (“PolymechanikerInnen”) to master the intricacies of prototype construction, while in Duebendorf our development team do the same for apprentice mechanical design technicians. On completing their training these young technicians are awarded the Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence in their particular specialty.

Detailed information on Empa’s apprentice training program can be found hier.

Stefan Hösli
Head of Section

Head of Risk Management

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Erwin Pieper
Head of Workshop Dübendorf

Deputy Head of Section

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Urs Siegenthaler
Head of Testing- & Calibration Lab

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