Chemical Energy Carriers and Vehicle Systems Laboratory

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  • Hydrogen chemistry, production and use
  • CO2 reduction (synthetic energy carrier)
  • Vehicle operation
  • Demonstrators:

- Sorption enhanced methanation in the lab and in "move"

- Methane pyrolysis demonstrator in Zug (

- Inductive charging of an electric vehicle in "move"

Research groups

  • Hydrogen spectroscopy (head: PD Dr. Andreas Borgschulte)

- Kinetics of hydrogen and CO2 surface reactions

  • Processes und reaktors for PtX (head: Dr. Florian Kiefer)

- Thermochemical reactors and separation technologies for CO2 reduction

  • Hydrogen systems (head: Dr. Panayotis Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler)

- Plasma-based methane decomposition, plasma-diagnostics

  • Vehicle systems (head: Dr. Miriam Elser)

- Vehicle operation/fleet transformation and sensor technology for automated vehicles

  • Powertrain technologies (head: Dr. Patrik Soltic)

- Air supply for fuel cells and hydrogen combustion