Materials science in space

2015-2026: ESA PRODEX “Thermophysical and structural properties of Bulk Metallic Glasses: X-ray assisted design in materials processing and opportunities for space applications” connected to the ELIPS program in physical sciences, PI: Antonia Neels


  • Controlling the solidification of bulk metallic glasses (BMG) is supported by fundamental thermophysical understanding combined with structural evaluation
  • Challenges for structural research followed by implementation into the industrial workflow:  multi-phase systems, metastable phases, phase separation, preferred orientation, nano-micro-crystals, crystallinity, strain & relaxation

Key results

  • Results obtained through space experiments enable a new design and optimization of fabrication processes for advanced functional parts to tackle applications with high reliability demands
  • Support for the industrialization of new materials and materials systems
  • Process and parts qualification of for space applications - TRL raising