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Optical microscope image of a substrate with Au central electrode ready for the thermal evaporation of the organic semiconductor.

The great advantage of vertical organic transistors consists in having a much shorter channel lengths and higher switching speeds than planar thin film transistors [1]. In particular, the organic permeable base transistors archi-tecture is very promising to create complementary circuits operating at high frequency in the MHz range [2][3].  Strategies to push the transistor performances in the GHz frequency range have already been presented [4].

In this project, we study the structural and electrical properties of vertical hetero-structures composed of graphene and organic thin films.  We investigate the vertical charge transport and the injection mechanisms at the graphene/semiconductors. Graphene plays the role of a semi-permeable base in the transistors architecture, helping us to improve the control over the electrostatics of the device, and opening pathways for the realization of flexible electronic devices operating at low-voltage and high frequency.

Cross-sections of a C60/Gr/C60 vertical permeable base transistor.

Collaborators in laboratory: Dr. Davide Beretta, Michael Stiefel, Roman Furrer and Prof. Michel Calame

External partners: Dr. Michel Daher Mansour and Prof. Dominique Vuillaume (IEMN, CNRS)

Funding: This project is funded by the Swiss National Science Fondation (SNSF) and the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR).

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