Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces

Nanomaterials Spectroscopy and Imaging

THz imaging and THz spectroscopy:  We perform materials research on selected topics such as  studying the interface structure of skin and textiles in mechanical contact,  VO2 metal-insulator phase transition, humidity content of solar cell materials, wood structures  and materials for new devices (e.g. graphene).

THz laser sources:
  • Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) emitting at 3 THz with 1.2 mW peak power.
  • Far infrared gas laser (FIRL100 from Edinburgh instruments). Individual emission lines available in the wavelength range of 60 µm – 600 µm with 10-150 mW continuous power (e.g. 150 mW at 118.8 µm).
THz Detectors
  • Uncooled µ-bolometer array with 480x640 pixels on a 25 µm pitch (Devitech).
  • Uncooled µ-bolometer array with 480x640 pixels on a 17 µm pitch (Xenics Gobi 640).
  • Pyrometer 0.1 - 30 THz        NEP: 4x10-10 W/√Hz @ 10,6 μm   D*: 5x109 cm √Hz /W
THz Spectrometer
  • THz Time Domain Spectrometer „Teraflash“ covering the frequency range from 0.2 to 7 THz. It is based on a fs-laser at 1550 nm and photoconductive switches to generate and detect the THz pulse.
THz optics components
  • Parabolic mirrors, wire grid polariser
  • Beam splitter plates and gratings
  • Lenses (PE-Fresnel, Silicon and Tsurupica)


Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory

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