Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces

Hybrid Nanoscale Interfaces

Raman spectroscopy is an optical technique that probes the vibrational properties of a material via the scatter-ing of (laser) light. If a vibration (phonon) is excited in the material under investigation, the scattered light loses energy and exhibits a characteristic red-shift (Stokes scattering).

The Confocal Raman setup (WITec Alpha 300 R) in our lab is equipped with multiple lasers for excitation at different wavelengths (488nm, 532nm, 785nm). The direction of incoming polarization can be continuously varied and the analysed light polarization can be selected as well. The setup is equipped with a scanning stage. In addition, Oxford Microstat system is available for cryogenic temperature measurements in the temperature range of 2 K-300 K.

For training on the Raman system or for any general information, please contact Dr. Jian Zhang or Rico Muff.
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