PhD Thesis Year Author
Hybrid Phototransistors: Understanding the IR Photoactive Interface 2024 Dr. Gökhan Kara
Chemical effects on blood studied using label-free nanoscale analytics 2023 Dr. Talia Bergaglio
Graphene-Organic Interfaces for Vertical Electronic Devices 2023 Dr. Jacopo Oswald
Biochemical sensing based on metal-organic architectures 2022 Dr. Lars Lüder
Sensing metal ions-peptide and protein interfacial interactions 2021 Dr. Olena Synhaivska
Towards solid-state biosensors for evidence-based management of febrile illness 2021 Dr. Yves Mermoud
Thermoelectric Effects in Nanoscale Devices 2021 Dr. Oliver Braun
Nanoprinted Quantum DOT/Graphene Infrared Photodetectors, and their Temperature-Dependent Mechanism of Charge Carrier Transfer 2020 Dr. Matthias Grotevent
Nanojunctions from molecules to graphene nanoribbons : optical characterization and transport properties 2020 Dr. Jan Overbeck
Investigation of electronic structure at the SrTiO3/YBa2Cu3O7-δ interface 2019 Dr. Tornik Gagnidze
Air coupled ultrasonic defect detection in thin walled polymer specimens with Lamb waves 2019 Dr. Arno Römmeler
Coherent lensless imaging techniques using terahertz radiation 2019 Dr. Lorenzo Valzania
Graphene molecular junctions 2018 Dr. Maria el Abbassi
Chemical vapor deposited graphene for quantum Hall resistance standards 2018 Dr. Kishan Thodkar 
Detailed analysis of single molecular junctions for novel computing architectures 2017 Dr. Anton Vladyka 
Improve industrial cone-beam computed tomography by integrating prior information 2017 Dr. Yu Liu
Assessment and correction of image degradation in MeV Cone Beam Computed Tomography 2017 Dr. Carina Stritt 
Graphene three-terminal nanojunction rectifiers 2017 Dr. Pascal Butti
Fabrication and system integration of single-mode polymer optical waveguides 2014 Dr. Eugen Zgraggen
Fabrication, Simulation and Characterization of Tunable Plasmonic Nano Antennas. 2014 Dr. Olivier Scholder
Novel probes for scanning near-field optical microscopy 2012 Dr. Valeria Lotito
Air-coupled ultrasound propagation and novel non-destructive bonding quality assessment of timber composites 2012 Dr. Sergio Sanabria
Application of adaptive optics to focusing and imaging 2011 Dr. Daniel Iwaniuk
Motion estimation from tomographic projections 2010 Dr. René Moser
Novel ultrasound read-out for a wireless implantable passive strain sensor 2009 Dr. Felix Gattiker
Fabrication of photonic elements by focused ion beam (FIB) 2009 Dr. Victor Callegari