Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces

Hybrid Nanoscale Interfaces

The HelioxVL by Oxford Instruments is range of single shot 3He system that allows users to access base tem-perature of 255 mK for extended periods of time. Our system is extensively used for the electric and thermoe-lectric characterization of a range of nanoscale devices. 

  • Superior thermal performance thanks to patented vapour cooled sorption pump 
  • Requires only 2.7L of liquid to cool from room temperature 
  • Grease cone seal for quick and easy sample exchange 
  • Automatically pumped IVC using a sorb 
  • Base temperature < 255 mK for > 90 hours 
  • 40 μW of cooling power available at 290 mK for > 10 hours 
  • Large temperature range from 255 mK to 300 K 
  • Optimal temperature stability: ± 3 mK to T ≤ 1.2K and ± 0.1 K for T > 1.2 K
  • Self-contained 3He sorption pump minimises footprint 
For training on the HelioxVL system or for any general information, please contact Dr. Jian Zhang or Dr. Mickael Perrin.


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