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Courses at ETH Zürich, D-HEST coordinated by Katharina Maniura:

Biocompatible Materials 376-1714-00L

Introduction to molecules used for biomaterials, molecular interactions between different materials and biological systems (molecules, cells, tissues). The concept of biocompatibility is discussed and important techniques from biomaterials research and development are introduced.

Different classes of materials for medical applications are introduced. The concepts of biocompatibility, biodegradation and the consequences of degradation products are discussed on the molecular level. Different classes of materials with respect to potential applications in tissue engineering and drug delivery are introduced. Strong focus lies on the molecular interactions between materials having very different bulk and/or surface chemistry with living cells, tissues and organs. In particular the interface between the materials surfaces and the eukaryotic cell surface and possible reactions of the cells with an implant material are elucidated. Techniques to design, produce and characterize materials in vitro as well as in vivo analysis of implanted and explanted materials are discussed.

A link between academic research and industrial entrepreneurship is established by external guest speakers.

Principles in Tissue Engineering 376-1614-00L

This class continues with applications of biomaterials and devices introduced in the lecture Biocompatible Materials. Fundamentals in blood coagulation; thrombosis, blood rheology, immune system, inflammation, foreign body reaction on the molecular level and the entire body are discussed. Applications of biomaterials for tissue engineering in different tissues are introduced. Fundamentals in medical implantology, in situ drug release, cell transplantation and stem cell biology are discussed.

A link between academic research and clinical research is established by clinical guest speakers.

Course at University of Zurich with participation by Katharina Maniura and Markus Rottmar:

Regenerative Medicine and Applied Tissue Engineering BME 335

This lecture series focusses on current engineering strategies for different organ systems. The first part of each lecture offers basic insights into embryology, anatomy and physiology. During the second part, the current state of the art in organ engineering and current challenges in clinical translation will be discussed. The organs presented include heart, muscle, ligaments and blood vessels.