Our lab is active in research and development of novel materials-based healthcare solutions. We thrive to understand, characterise, and steer interactions of biomolecules, bacteria and human cells at materials surfaces. We study biointerfaces which encompass natural interfaces between biomolecules, their assemblies and water, between cells and extra cellular matrix, between populations of bacteria and human cells and their surroundings and those between the biological environment and materials for medical applications.

Designed biointerfaces are vital elements for the functionality of bio-related processes and devices. We carry out research on biointerfaces and through this develop materials for biosensors, diagnostics, biomimetic materials, (stem) cell technology, drug-delivery systems, materials for regenerative medicine, and biomaterials for medical implants and functional tissue engineering.

We steer the properties and nature of the biointerface by combining materials and biological science for healthcare solutions. With this we provide key contributions to novel antifouling, antibacterial and functional biomaterials for therapeutic and diagnostic use, such as implants, wound healing materials or sensors.