Structured Fibers

We develop and research structured fibers, applying a combination of polymers and additives. We handle fundamental questions regarding fiber molecular structure and morphology, from the nanoscale to the microscale. And we modify extrusion processes to enhance fiber properties and to achieve new functional cores and surfaces.

In applied projects we develop fibers that enhance the quality of life, in collaboration with industry partners. Our specialties lie in electrically and optically conductive fibers, liquid-filled fibers, flame retardant fibers and fibers from renewable resources.
Influence of process parameters on fiber structure.


- Research on liquid-core fibers to enable adaptive stiffness, flexible sensors and long-term fragrance fibers.

- Developing radial gradient fibers to combine mechanical performance with adapted functionality.

- Enabling lightweight composites by developments on the fiber and yarn level.

- Application of non-toxic additives to achieve required fiber properties like safety or long-term stability.

- Designing fibers from renewable resources to substitute petroleum-based fibers in defined applications like medical and technical textiles.

- Improve performance, comfort and safety of fiber-based products used for personal well-being.

- Incorporation of modeling and simulation methods at various length scales to provide fundamental understanding of fiber spinning.


38th International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society, St. Gallen, Switzerland, May 16-20, 2022