Artificial Turf

Access to a football field which is playable all year round is very important for footballers. Synthetic turf makes this possible, but to date it has not been a completely satisfactory solution. On some artificial surfaces, a fall can lead to players suffering friction burns and on others the fibers eventually buckle irreversibly under the constant load. Together with TISCA TIARA, the Polymer & Processing group developed a bicomponent melt-spun fiber which manages to overcome both these problems thanks to its hard core and soft sheath.
Commercialized artificial turf.
Further collaborations

Experience with the bicomponent fiber turf, successfully in the field since 2009, revealed additional potential for development. We further support TISCA TIARA to expand area of application and market share of their artificial turf, with properties that match specific indoor and outdoor requirements.
Bicomponent turf fiber with 5 polyamide cores and a polyethylene sheath.


Manufacturer of high quality textiles for indoors and outdoors, such as textile floor coverings, curtains, upholstery and decorative fabrics as well as sports turfs.