ehub group

Development and implementation of future energy management systems in districts

The ehub group focuses on applied research and real-life implementations of energy optimizations to reach the goals of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 in the areas of mobility, buildings and districts. To that aim a control platform has been built to analyse, adapt, and evaluate the present infrastructures of the Empa Demonstrators NEST, move and ehub.

Improving energy efficiency, reducing the CO2 balance and addressing topics like system complexity to the scenarios of the energy strategy, is a main driver of our work. In our research fields, we develop verified solutions in the area of economic and ecological storage integration and systemic optimizations during the lifecycle of a building. Additionally to that, we support national and international researchers and R&D-labs in implementing their lab scale solutions on the community scale system of our demonstrators.

i. Applied research on district energy systems

ii. Operation of the ehub platform