Functional Aerogel Materials (FAM)

Activities and main competence

Aerogels have garnered significant attention owing to their exceptional physical properties. Beyond the prevalent silica aerogels and their applications in thermal insulation, there exists a diverse range within the aerogel family, including polymer and biopolymer, metal oxides, metal nitrides, and carbon aerogels. These materials offer versatile applications in electronics, biomedical fields, catalysis, physics, environmental remediation, and optical devices. The focus of our research at FAM centers on exploring the 'non-traditional' yet highly promising applications of aerogel materials, particularly in biomedical, catalysis, sensor technology, and environmental remediation. Concurrently, we are dedicated to advancing manufacturing technologies to support and enhance these applications.

Dr. Shanyu Zhao
Group leader in Functional Aerogel Materials Group

Phone: +41 58 765 4244