Asphalt lab equipment

Specimen production / Sample preparation

• Hot mixers for bituminous mixtures with 50 and 150 kg capacity

• Marshall-compactor

• Superpave Gyratory Compactor

• Slab compactor

• Compactor for Model Mobile Load Simulator (MMLS)



• Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR)

• Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR)

• Penetrometer

• Fraass-Breaking point device

• Ring & Ball - device

• Ductilometer

• Pressure Ageing Vessel (PAV)

• Raabe tension test device for joints

• Highpressure-GPC

• Rolling Thin Film Oven Test (RTFOT)

• Atomic Force Microscope with Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy (AFM-FTIR)


Bituminous Mixture / Pavements

• Equipment for wet and dry sieving

• Extraction equipment

• Marshall testing machine

• Dynamic test devices

• Equipment for interlayer shear test of Pavement (static)

• Equipment for indirect tensile test

• Equipment for adhesion test of asphaltic plug joints

• Four-point bending test for fatigue tests

• "Orniéreur" – pneumatic rutting tester

• Model Mobile Load Simulator (MMLS)


Flexible Asphaltic Plug Joints

• JMS (Joint Movement Simulator) for testing the movement capacity for investigating the quasi-static cyclic expansion and adhesive properties of joints and adhesive force

• DJMS (Dynamic Joint Movement Simulator) for investigation the dynamic cyclic expansion and adhesive force

• Climatic chambers for JMS and DJMS tests (0°C to -20°C)


Servohydraulic testing machines with climatic chamber (- 10°C - + 60°C)

• 150 kN Universal testing machine (UVP),

• three 10kN testing machines

• 100 kN testing machine

• 20 kN testing machine