Concrete Laboratory

Qualified staff and an outstanding infrastructure support the scientists in research and development projects as well as in challenging services.

Our laboratory offers a large range of tests on fresh and hardened concrete, cement, admixtures, additives, and aggregates. Our experiments and sample conditioning can be performed at a wide range of precisely controlled climatic conditions thanks to the state of the art set of large-scale climatic chambers.
Creep tests on concrete with loads up to 600 kN
In our laboratory we can perform both standard tests and specially tailored ones. We offer the following services:
  • The most modern chemical analysis methods and efficient microscopy investigations
  • Fresh concrete controls
  • Consulting about problems in the areas of concrete, mortar, cement and admixtures
  • Cooperation in the elaboration of norms and guidelines within national and international professional organisations and standards committees
Mechanical properties lab with presses up to 5000 kN
STS 338 accredited
Our test laboratory meets the highest quality standards and we are accredited in the following areas STS 0338