Thermodynamic data for hydrated solids in Portland cement system (CaO-Al2O3-SiO2-CaSO4-CaCO3-Fe2O3-MgO-H2O)

New version CEMDATA 18.1 available

Cemdata18 database has been developed specifically for hydrated Portland, calcium aluminate, calcium sulfoaluminate and blended cements, as well as for alkali-activated materials. It is available in GEMS and PHREEQC computer program formats, and includes thermodynamic properties determined from various experimental data published in recent years. Cemdata18 contains thermodynamic data for common cement hydrates such as C-S-H, AFm and AFt phases, hydrogarnet, hydrotalcite, zeolites, and M-S-H that are valid over temperatures ranging from 0 to at least 100°C.

CEMDATA at 25 °C

At 25 °C the solubility products (KS0) of the CEMDATA data set is fully consistent with the thermodynamic data for aqueous species, gases, and common minerals such as portlandite or gypsum, provided in the Nagra/PSI-Thermodynamic Data Base (Hummel et al., 2002) and can be used together with the Nagra/PSI TDB in any thermodynamic modelling software.

CEMDATA at 0-100 °C

The CEMDATA07 data base covers hydrates commonly encountered in Portland cement systems in the temperature range 0-100 °C. In the temperature range 0-100 °C the CEMDATA data base is compatible with the GEMS default kernel database (GEMS version of Nagra-PSI 01/01 data base). Hence, the CEMDATA files comprise a specific extension to the GEMS kernel data base. A download in GEM-Selektor (Gibbs Energy Minimization) format is available.

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