Field Tests

Our laboratory has long lasting experience in performing static as well as dynamic test on buildings, bridges, dams etc. Since field tests are expensive we continuously improve our methodologies and instrumentation in order to provide a high quality service at lower costs.

To operate railroad steel bridges beyond their lifetime usually requires a fatigue assessment. In critical cases strain measurements under operational conditions provide valuable information about the actual strain amplitudes that allows to calibrate the design models and finally to perform a more realistic assessment. We perform such strain measurements. In order to reduce installation time and costs we often apply strain sensors that are mounted on the structure with magnets instead of gluing conventional strain gages. Within the typical amplitude range that occurs on railroad bridges, magnetic strain gages have the same accuracy of glued strain gages.

We use cutting-edge wireless sensor network technologies for performing long term structural monitoring. Such networks allow to simplify and speed-up the installation of the monitoring system and to significantly reduce the costs. The recorded data can be provided to the Client in nearly real time over a web interface. The sensor network supports a great number of sensors and is optimized for low power consumption. Monitoring of slowly varying physical quantities such as anchor forces, humidity requires a battery replacement every two of years. We provide such services in collaboration with the Empa start-up Decentlab GmbH.

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