Thin-Film Batteries

Thin-film lithium-ion batteries are solid-state batteries that combine the advantages of solid-state batteries with thin-film manufacturing processes. Thin-film batteries (sometimes referred to as microbatteries) are intended to powering wireless sensors, smart cards, active RFID tags, and consumer electronics.



Compared to conventional Li-ion batteries, thin-film batteries offer:

  • high charge/discharge rate
  • high power density
  • long lifetime
  • high safety (no organic liquid or polymer electrolyte)
  • low self-discharge


Our Laboratory is developing thin-film batteries, with a special research focus on:

  • solid-state electrolytes, such as Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZO) with Li-ion conductivity > 10-4 S cm-1
  • high-voltage thin-film cathodes such as LiCoO2, NMC811, etc;
  • lithium metal anodes
  • interfacial layers enabling efficient Li-ion transport and preventing undesirable interdiffusion: Al2O3, ZnO, Nb2O5, and others
  • corrosion-resistant current collectors
  • novel device designs such as  monolithically stacked multi-cell batteries for increased power and energy density.
Ar-filled glovebox line with in-situ transfer between sputter and evaporation chambers allows all-dry, all-vacuum fabrication of thin-film solid-state batteries.
Selected publications:
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2023: Empa start-up BTRY AG aims to commercialize monolithic multi-layer solid-state battery technology.

Stable cycling of overlithiated NMC811 thin-film cathodes just published in Adv Energy Mater.

Ceramic thin films for mini batteries featured in Empa News 2020.