Laszlo Pethö - Personal Page


Laszlo holds a scientist position at the Laboratory of Mechanics for Materials and Nanostructures at EMPA. He received his diploma in engineering physics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2007, with a specialization in materials science, studying carbon nanotube growth methods. Following he joined the Microfabrication Laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley, as a Baseline Engineer Associate Specialist. His primary research interest was the microfabrication and characterization of CMOS and MEMS devices. In 2011, he transferred to the Center for MicroNanoTechnology at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, as a Photolithography Engineer. Participating in diverse interdisciplinary projects, he applied various semiconductor processing technologies to enable research; gathering 10+ years of hands-on microfabrication experience. He joined EMPA in 2014, and his current interests include the synthesis of novel low dimensional materials by combining state of the art PVD based techniques (depositing multilayers with metals, dielectrics, and metallic nanoparticles via aggregation). He develops nanocomposites and thin film systems for the characterization of their mechanical properties, with a concentration on combinatorial deposition of many-element alloys and nanoparticle-strengthened metallic glasses. His technical achievements include the complete design, installation overview and characterization of the first cleanroom at EMPA in Thun with an emphasis on photolithography and patterning techniques, including submicron resolution 3D printing and multilayer structural mold fabrication for electroplating applications.


English, French, Hungarian