Publications 2010

Comment on "Ag organisation on Ni(1 1 1) surface" [Surface Science 602 (2008) 2363]

K. Aït-Mansour, O. Gröning

Surf. Sci. 604, 872 (2010)

Ta2O5 polymorphs: structural motifs and dielectric constant from first principles

W. Andreoni, C. A. Pignedoli

Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 062901 (2010)

Two-dimensional polymer formation on surfaces: insight into the roles of precursor mobility and reactivity

M. Bieri, M. T. Nguyen, O. Gröning, J. Cai, M. Treier, K. Aït-Mansour, P. Ruffieux, C. A. Pignedoli, D. Passerone, M. Kastler, K. Müllen, R. Fasel

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132 16669, (2010)

Nanoporous materials: porous graphene as an atmospheric nanofilter

S. Blankenburg, M. Bieri, R. Fasel, K. Müllen, C. A. Pignedoli, D. Passerone

Small 6, 2266 (2010)

One-step dry method for the synthesis of supported single-crystalline organic nanowires formed by π-conjugated molecules

A. Borrás, O. Gröning, M. H. Aguirre, F. Gramm, P. Gröning

Langmuir 26, 5763 (2010)

Air- and light-stable superhydrophobic colored surfaces based on supported organic nanowires

A. Borrás, P. Gröning, J. R. Sanchez-Valencia, A. Barranco, J. P. Espinós, A. R. Gonzalez-Elipe

Langmuir 26, 1487 (2010)

Correlation of conductivity and angle integrated valence band photoemission characteristics in single crystal iron perovskites for 300 K < T < 800 K: Comparison of surface and bulk sensitive methods

A. Braun, B. S. Mun, Y. Sun, Z. Liu, O. Gröning, R. Mäder, S. Erat, X. Zhang, S. S. Mao, E. Pomjakushina, K. Conder, T. J. Graule

J. Electron Spectrosc. 181, 56 (2010)

Atomically precise bottom-up fabrication of graphene nanoribbons

J. Cai, P. Ruffieux, R. Jaafar, M. Bieri, T. Braun, S. Blankenburg, M. Muoth, A. P. Seitsonen, M. Saleh, X. Feng, K. Müllen, R. Fasel

Nature 466, 470 (2010)

Structure of the (010) surface of the orthorhombic complex metallic alloy T-Al3(Mn,Pd)

T. Deniozou, R. Addou, A. K. Shukla, M. Heggen, M. Feuerbacher, M. Krajčí, J. Hafner, R. Widmer, O. Gröning, V. Fournée, J. M. Dubois, J. Ledieu

Phys. Rev. B 81, 125418 (2010)

Stability and dynamics of small molecules trapped on graphene

R. Erni, M. D. Rossell, M.-T. Nguyen, S. Blankenburg, D. Passerone, P. Hartel, N. Alem, K. Erickson, W. Gannett, A. Zettel

Phys. Rev. B 82, 165443 (2010)

Atomistic insight into the adsorption site selectivity of stepped Au(111) surfaces

R. Gaspari, C.A. Pignedoli, R. Fasel, M. Treier, D. Passerone

Phys. Rev. B 82, 041408(R) (2010)

Revealing the atomic surface structure of the (100) Y-Al-Ni-Co approximant by low-energy electron diffraction and scanning tunneling microscopy

R. Mäder, R. Widmer, B. Bauer, P. Gille, P. Gröning, W. Steurer,O. Gröning

Phys. Rev. B 81, 064201 (2010)

The role of van der Waals interactions in surface-supported supramolecular networks

M. T. Nguyen, C. A. Pignedoli, M. Treier, R. Fasel, D. Passerone

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 12, 992 (2010)

Ab initio simulations of the Ag(111)/Al2O3 interface at intermediate oxygen partial pressures

D. Passerone, C. A. Pignedoli, F. Valenza, M. L. Muolo, A. Passerone

J. Mater. Sci. 45, 4265 (2010).

A simple approach for describing metal-supported cyclohexaphenylene dehydrogenation: Hybrid classical/DFT metadynamics simulations

C. A. Pignedoli, T. Laino, M. Treier, R. Fasel, D. Passerone

Eur. Phys. J. B 75, 65 (2010)

Role of negatively charged defects in the lattice contraction of Al-Si-N

C. A. Pignedoli, D. Passerone, H. J. Hug, A. Pélisson, J. Patscheider

Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 071908 (2010).

Probing the selectivity of a nanostructured surface by xenon adsorption

R. Widmer, D. Passerone, T. Mattle, H. Sachdev, O. Gröning

Nanoscale 2, 502 (2010).