The mission of our laboratory is to research and innovate materials creation and/or functional modifications by beam and plasma induced processing, to offer to academia and industry novel methods of micro- and nano-structuring materials, and to come up with novel nanostructured materials and their shaping and integration.

Our competences in laser processing technologies, our knowledge of materials interactions with electromagnetic waves (micro-waves – NIR-vis-UV), mastering micro- and nano-structuring techniques on large surfaces; the handling and modifications of small particle diameter powders, together with the knowledge of alloy design, we possess a unique combination of competences.

Our close collaborations with industrial or academic leaders in their different fields of industrial applications such as packaging, coating, energy production, transportation, mining, watchmaking, high precision mechanics, and biomedical, into which we introduce laser processing or highest quality process characterization, are helping our partners in progressing beyond the lead of their fields, keeping durability guaranteed. We have been developing optical detection methods for scientific and industrial challenges that are giving extraordinary insight into specific key processes, such as electrical discharges going through materials, tribology processes, laser welding processes, and laser generative processes, that allow for process improvement after deepening the fundamental understanding of these processes.