The research and innovation unit Meet2Create is a laboratory for collaboration and work processes aimed at developing sustainable working environments. It focuses on the interplay between humans, space and technology, which is tested and optimized within the scope of research projects.

The Meet2Create unit was initiated by the Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture – or more specifically the Competence Center Typology & Planning in Architecture (CCTP) in collaboration with other competence centers at the university. The researchers examine the question of how future office environments can adapt spatially and technically to the ever-changing world of work. 

The unit is divided into three areas:

In-Out – Meeting Typology & Atmosphere
The space can be used for various forms of collaboration, such as brainstorming, discussion, exchanges and workshops or for project work. A revolving balcony also makes it possible to work outside.  


Cocoon – Diversity & Large Areas
The space enables concentrated individual and project team work. Cocoon offers the greatest possible degree of influence and privacy. The comfort parameters, such as light, noise, air and temperature are individually adjustable for every workstation. 


Hybrid – Innovation & Flexible Work Settings
Geared towards project development, the space is just the ticket for meetings, project work, workshops and presentations. Hybrid is used by teams and groups ad hoc or for longer periods. The furnishings are flexible and can be set up and arranged according to individual needs. Moreover, prototypes can be produced with 3D printers. Hybrid is a place for companies to test out innovative methods in collaboration with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

The innovation objects in the Meet2Create unit
Worksettings for collaboration

Strategies and products for collaboration spaces within the corporate office will be examined to increase efficiency and identification.

Partners: HSLU, Lista Office LO, Total Office Management, Girsberger, Swisscom, Bene

Diverse furnishing

Work stations that encourage diversity in an open-plan office create prime conditions for exchanges within the team and concentrated work, thereby increasing the staff’s productivity.

Partners: HSLU, Lista Office LO

Flexible furnishing

A flexible room for activities such as meetings, workshops and presentations calls for flexible furniture systems: In the “Hybrid” room in Meet2Create, two new furniture approaches and advancements are being tested, which are able to serve different purposes depending on the requirements.

Partners: HSLU, Vitra, Bene

Flexible system floors

In Meet2Create, a novel hollow floor is being tested for use in apartment and hybrid buildings.

Partners: HSLU, Lenzlinger, Zapco, Knauf

Cloud automation

A control platform based on Internet of Things technology facilitates the implementation of different control algorithms. This enables a dynamic change in the type of room usage or a flexible integration of new sensors and actuators. The room even recognizes how it is currently being used and adapts accordingly.

Partners: HSLU, Sauter, Beckhoff, EnergyOn

Noise-reducing textiles

High-performance textiles improve room acoustics and offer a high degree of flexibility for the layout.

Partners: HSLU, Creation Baumann

Photovoltaics on the façade

How photovoltaic modules are affected by different cladding materials is being studied on Meet2Create’s façade.

Partners: HSLU

Protection from the sun

Innovative shade and anti-dazzle installations are being tested and their use in office buildings evaluated in Meet2Create.

Partners: HSLU, SageGlass, Schenker Storen