NEST for industry

NEST supports innovative companies in the implementation of their ideas and ensures that new knowledge from research and development flows into their products. NEST partners have at their disposal a test environment with real-world conditions to accelerate the market entry of new products, systems or technologies.


Partner advantages

NEST partners can develop their products in a real environment without risk. In addition, they gain access to national and international experts, technology and system providers and get to know interesting start-ups. As partners of NEST, they position themselves in an extremely innovative environment. Further information can be found here.

Our partner network

NEST partners have access to a large network of companies and researchers with whom they can jointly validate and further develop new products and technologies in NEST. NEST promotes cooperation and initiates new projects. You can find the complete partner overview here



If you would like to become a NEST partner and realize your project together with us, please contact Reto Largo .

Selected success stories

"Despite extensive laboratory testing, a fundamental problem only became apparent at NEST"

Securiton AG installed a prototype hardware in the NEST unit "DFAB HOUSE". The validation in a real environment allowed the detection of a malfunction that was not identified in the previous laboratory tests. As a result, the product could be further developed and brought to the market. 

"NEST offers startups a real environment equipped like a perfect laboratory"

The Zurich-based startup Oxygen at Work uses selected plant species to improve the air quality and energy efficiency of office buildings. In order to further optimise its services, the company works together with NEST. In the Meet2Create Unit, new plant concepts in combination with new technologies are being validated and further developed.

"The partnership enables a worldwide unique product portfolio"

The NEST partners 3E Flow and Georg Fischer AG are launching a partnership. In autumn 2020, the two companies will bring an internationally unique product offer to the Swiss market that greatly optimizes the energy consumption of the water cycle.

Partnership with NEST

Partner categories

There are several ways in which companies can work with NEST:

  • Technology: Partners can support NEST with their new technologies, even if they are not yet ready for the market. In NEST, they can be further developed and brought to market maturity.
  • Materials and services: It is also possible to provide products, materials and services for both the planning and construction of a unit.
  • Financing: A commitment in the form of financial support is also possible.

There are different partner models, which vary in commitment and services.



A cooperation with NEST brings various advantages:

  • Risk-free: NEST provides a real-world environment without customer risk for the testing of new technologies. Feedback from users and residents enables new product ideas to be validated and further developed more quickly.
  • Visibility: Partners have the opportunity to invite their target groups to NEST and present their technologies and results. This way, they can demonstrate that their ideas work in real operation and are marketable.
  • Network: The NEST network consists of national and international researchers, representatives of companies in the construction sector as well as in the construction-related environment and representatives of the public sector. NEST arranges contacts to partners from the network and initiates joint projects.
  • Positioning: NEST partners actively shape the future and position their brand in the areas of innovation and resource efficiency.
  • Use of the premises: NEST offers various premises for events, meetings and workshops. Partners can use these for their own events.

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