Invited Speakers

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Prof. Steven G. Louie

Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley (USA)

and Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Prof. Michael F. Crommie

Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley (USA)

Group Leader


Confirmed Invited Speakers

Dr. Rosanna Larciprete

Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi, Rome (IT)



Prof. Felix Baumberger

ARPES Group, Université de Genève (CH)

Group Leader


Prof. Katharina J. Franke

Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin (DE)

Group Leader


Prof. Mairbek Chshiev

Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble (FR)

Head of Theory and Modeling Group


Prof. Pavel Jelinek

Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague (CZ)

Group Leader Nanosurf Lab


Prof. Marika Schleberger

Fakultät für Physik, Universität Duisburg Essen (DE)

Group Leader


Prof. Nacho Pascual

nanoGUNE, San Sebastian (ES)

Ikerbasque Research Professor and Group Leader Nanoimaging Group


Prof. Stephan Hofmann

Cambridge Graphene Center, University of Cambridge (UK)

Group Leader


Prof. Willi Auwärter

Technical University of Munich (DE)

Group Leader


Dr. Hannu-Pekka Komsa

Aalto University School of Science (FI)

Department of Applied Physics