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"We owe our strength not least to our diversity: At Empa, people from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and tasks do research and work together. Outstanding results can only be achieved on the basis of respectful interactions with each other." Tanja Zimmermann, CEO Empa

Empa has been working on the subject of equal opportunities since the 1990s, and for more than ten years, it has set out measures and actions in plans to support equal opportunities. One of the main concerns in the action plans is to increase the proportion of women in leading positions. This is necessary because the proportion of women in the STEM professions, which dominate at Empa, is generally rather low, and is even declining significantly in leading positions.

The action plan 2021-2024 describes measures and projects intended to strengthen the institutional anchoring of equal opportunities and diversity. The objectives are to achieve a broad awareness of the issue among the employees, a balanced gender ratio in strategic committees and in management positions, attractive working conditions that enable all employees to combine work and family life with other areas of interest, and an appreciation of the great cultural diversity.

Empa attaches great importance to its multifaceted character as a federal, but also international re-search institution. Empa expressly takes a stand against any discrimination. Disrespect, discrimination, bullying, threats, harassment in any form or even violence have no place at Empa (Link for staff only).

The ETH Domain has defined the measures concerning equal opportunity in his own Gender Strategy 2021-2024. It aims to improve the gender balance among its members by increasing the share of women in education and in research, as well as in management positions. Ensuring equal opportunities for women and men within the ETH Domain is a prerequisite for achieving this objective. An excerpt on the topic of personnel of the target agreement between the ETH Board and Empa 2021-2024 can be found here (German only).

In 2021, an overarching Center of Competence for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) PSI - Empa - Eawag was created under the leadership of Natalie Lerch-Pieper (Head of Diversity & Inclusion PSI). The aim is to exploit synergies and ensure regular exchange between the three research institutions.

If you have any problems, questions or feedback, please get in touch with our Expert for Diversity & Inclusion. In addition to the internal consulting on the topic of gender equality, there is also a commission within the ETH Domain. The Conciliation Commission under the Equal Opportunities Act for the ETH Domain () provides information and advice in disputes that fall within the scope of the Equal Opportunities Act and are related to employment relationships within the ETH Domain.

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