3rd Knowledge Exchange Workshop

This third International Workshop on Validation of Computational Mechanics Models after Shanghai 2011 and London 2013 was held in the Council Chambers of the New Town Hall in Munich on June 12th, 2014 and was hosted by the VANESSA project. Keynote speakers for the event were Eann Patterson (University of Liverpool, UK), Roman Frigg (London School of Economics, UK) and Kristina Shea (ETH Zurich, CH). Other speakers and panelists included representatives from the aerospace industry.

TOPIC ONE:  Mechanics model validations

Chair: Erwin Hack (EMPA, CH)

Keynote: Comparison of displacement fields from high-speed impacts
                  Eann Patterson (University of Liverpool, UK)

What's sour and what's sweet in validating numerical simulations of metal processing

                  Hongbiao Dong (University of Leicester, UK)

                  Alex Ihle (High Performance Space Structure Systems GmbH, DE)

TOPIC TWO: Making decisions using mechanics models

Chair: Eann Patterson (University of Liverpool, UK)

Keynote: How not to make decisions with computer simulations
                 Roman Frigg (London School of Economics, UK)

Identification & modeling of complex nonlinear systems from uncertain/limited information

                 Eleni Chatzi (ETH Zurich, CH)

The Quest for Truth, particularly in mechanics
                 Miloslav Okrouhlík (Institute of Thermomechanics, Prague, HU)

TOPIC THREE: Designing with high fidelity simulations

Chair: George Lampeas (University of Patras, HE)

Keynote: Computational Design-to-Fabrication: The Role of Simulation
                 Kristina Shea (ETH Zurich, CH)

A preliminary Structural design procedure for laser beam welded airframe stiffened panels

                 Mark Price (The Queen's University of Belfast, UK)

Virtual process chain for superalloy & titanium sheet metal aero-engine structures - validation and demonstrators
                 Eva-Lis Odenberger (Luleå University & Olofström AB/Forming Group OSAS, SE)