General Terms and Provisions

This page contains links to Empa’s most important information and fact sheets.

Empa’s legal status

In accordance with Art. 21 of the Federal Act on the Federal Institutes of Technology of October 4, 1991 (SR 414.110) and Art. 1 lit. c) and Art. 4 of the Verordnung des ETH-Rates über die Forschungsanstalten des ETH-Bereichs (in German only) of November 13, 2003 (SR 414.161, in German only), the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) is a federal, autonomous, public-sector facility with its own legal identity and defined field of responsibility. Consequently, there is no entry in the Commercial Register.

Provisions of independent expert reports
Provisions for the use of Empa's corporate design and logo
Financial numbers

Empa's financial numbers are available here.


Information for suppliers is available here.