Excellence in materials science and technology leverages novel materials and systems for Health and Performance, which is meeting a growing need of our society.


Novel materials can be beneficial for a plethora of health and health care innovations in and on the human body. We develop and carry out cutting-edge research on new materials and systems to protect and support the human body and its function under different environmental conditions and in different health states.

For this, we need to understand and steer materials-biology interactions on the level of biomolecules, bacteria, human cells and tissues from the nano- to macroscale using state-of-the art and specifically designed analytical equipment.

Our activities rely on a comprehensive and holistic view from atoms to macroscale and focus on four modules where novel materials provide significant impact:


These modules are highly interconnected by having a common view and expertise in material synthesis, material processing, bio-analytics, computational modeling & simulations, bioinformatics, imaging- and life science.

Together with industrial and clinical partners, our solutions reach society.

Prof. Dr. René Rossi
Co-Head of Department Materials meet Life

Phone: +41 58 765 7765