Accredited Bodies

In modern-day commercial life, accreditation plays a key role: It enables the international recognition of certificates and test reports. The Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) has recognized about a dozen Empa offices, which we have listed on this page. These accredited offices are thus deemed capable of performing a given task competently, extremely reliably and in the quality required. It also means that they boast specialist expertise and adapted structures, which facilitate systematic decisions and learning processes.

Use the search function on the website of the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS to access detailed information, namely the scope of accreditation, on each accredited office. The documents are available in German, French, Italian and English, to the extent to which the SAS provides these versions. To generate unambiguous search results please follow this suggested procedure.

SCESp 0022

Empa, Mechanical Systems Engineering, Dübendorf

SCS 0069

Empa, Mechanical Engineering / Workshop, Dübendorf

SCS 0089

Empa, Laboratory for Air Pollution / Environmental Technology, Dübendorf

STS 0044

Empa, Mechanical Engineering / Workshop, Dübendorf

STS 0053

Empa, Mechanical Systems Engineering, Dübendorf

STS 0059

Empa, Electronics & Reliability Center, Dübendorf

STS 0068

Empa, Laboratory Acoustics, Dübendorf

STS 0083

Empa, Laboratory for Protection and Physiology, St. Gallen

STS 0153

Empa, Structural Engineering Research Laboratory, Dübendorf

STS 0338

Empa, Concrete / Construction Chemistry Laboratory, Dübendorf