Digital science is making a key contribution in our quest to meet sustainability challenges. Scientists at Empa strive to accelerate digital transformation by developing technologies that support sustainable lifestyles and safe operations, among others. For instance, a mobile app based on our digital twin technology that helps households control food waste; test procedures for sensors used in autonomous cars to increase safety and reliability; or drone technology that focuses on surveying ecosystems as well as infrastructure.


At the Swiss Digital Day 2021, we presented a glimpse of digital science developed at Empa in various live streams on Empa's YouTube Channel. Find below the full videos of the live-streamed sessions.


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A sustainable future with "living" machines

Collaborative drones: How physical artificial intelligence will shape our interaction with robots

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Vision test for autonomous cars

Autonomous driving: Does your car see well enough?

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A digital twin in the kitchen: Keeping fruit and veggies fresh with your cell phone

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