Slot Die Coating

Slot die coating is a processing technique for the deposition of homogeneous wet films. Liquid is delivered through a fixed slot gap onto a moving substrate. Between die and substrate a so-called coating bead forms, bounded by the upstream and down-stream menisci. It is usually used to coat large areas or stripes with high uniformity by precise metering the ink and dispensing it at a controlled rate on the moving substrate.
Schematic of the slot die coating process and TSE Troller Slot Die Coater

Key features

  • Coating of organic or inorganic inks on flexible or rigid substrates
  • Non-contact method
  • Coating of large-area / stripes
  • Homogeneous films with high uniformity
  • Applicable to roll-to-roll processing
  • Broad range of viscosities (from < 1 mPas to several thousand Pas)
  • Film thickness range is large (from 20 nm to approx. 150 nm)
Dr. Jakob Heier

Dr. Jakob Heier
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