Magnetron sputtering cluster CT200

The CT200 sputter cluster from Alliance Concept is an ultimate R&D system for magnetron sputter deposition of various inorganic thin films.
Sputter cluster CT200

Key specifications of CT200

  • Three deposition chambers connected by transfer chamber with robotic arm
  • Eight 250 mm diameter magnetrons
  • Three 100 mm diameter magnetrons in confocal configuration for co-deposition
  • DC-, pulsed DC and RF-sputtering modes in both inert and reactive atmosphere
  • Optical emission monitoring for stable sputter process
  • Rotatable substrate holder that can be heated to 600 °C or cooled to -20 °C
  • Deposition uniformity +/-2.5% for substrates up to 100x100 mm2
  • Separate de-gassing and storage chamber     
Possible materials
  • Metals (Mo, Ti, Cu, W, Si, etc.)
  • Metal oxides including transparent conducting oxides (SiO2, ITO, ZnO, In2O3, etc.)
  • Metal nitrides (TiN, Si3N4,…)
  • Metal sulfides (ZnS, CdS, …)
Sputtering systems available at Empa

Several sputter systems are available at Empa labs for R&D of various inorganic layers on both rigid and flexible substrates. You can find more information on the following pages: