Concept Laser m2 cusing

The Concept Laser m2 cusing is a commercially available powder bed selective laser melting (SLM) machine for the additive manufacture of alloy powders. 

Complex 3D parts will be built up layer by layer from a powder bed. The powder is locally molten by a focused laser beam and consolidated with the material below. This process is commonly designated selective laser melting (SLM) or laser cusing. After finishing the build job, the part can be removed from powder bed and the build plate.
Key specification data

Laser Parameters

  • 200 W 1070 nm Nd:YAG Continuous wavelength fiber laser
  • 90 micron spot size

Build Volume

  • 245 x 245 mm build plate
  • 285 mm maximum build height


  • Argon or N2 atmosphere
  • 0.4% O2 level
  • Glove box add on for reactive metals


  • Suitable for reactive metals