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Wednesday, 31 May 2023

13:30        Registration opens

14:00        Workshop: Aerogels in real life
Aerogel 3D printing
                  Empa aerogel pilot facility
                  NEST building demonstrator
                  Aerogel glass brick
                  Aerogel product displays

16:30        Welcome reception

Thursday, 1 June 2023

08:00        Registration

08:30        Opening remarks

08:40        Aerogel processing & production
08:40        Irina Smirnova (TUHH) -- Continuous drying of bioaerogel particles
09:00        Barbara Milow (DLR) -- Aerogel Launch Factory, future perspectives
09:20        Sam Cryer & Alyne Lamy (Thermulon) -- Cost-effective aerogel-based thermal insulation
09:40        Francisco Ruiz (KEEY Aerogel) -- To be announced
10:00        Michal Ganobjak (Empa) -- Insulating Translucent Aerogel Glass Brick for Building Envelopes

10:20        Coffee break

10:40        Aerogel applications in high-tech
10:40        Yunhong Wang (IBIH) -- Aerogel from research labs to industry - IBIH’s practice and contribution
11:00        Dong Lin (Oregon State U.) -- 3D Freeze Printing of Aerogel
11:20        Erkey Can (Koç U.) -- Aerogels for the Hydrogen Economy: Applications in Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers
11:40        Tingting Wu (Empa) -- Polyimide aerogel for thermal management and patch antenna

12:00        Lunch

13:00-13:45 AERoGELS Cost Action
WG4 meeting: Process Engineering, Development and Scale-up for Industrial Applications (open to all)

13:20-14:20 Poster session & Aerogel Architecture Award posters

14:20        Biomedical applications, Safety & Aerogel characterization
14:20        Carlos García González (USC) -- Advanced Processing of Aerogels for Drug Delivery
14:40        Sevil Çikrikci (Konya U.) -- Alternative Sustainable Materials for SLA and Extrusion Printing: Carrier System Design for Antioxidants
15:00        Veronica Di Battista (BASF) -- Assessing the dust released from commercially relevant inorganic aerogel mats: occupational release scenarios simulation and hazard implications
15:20        Connor Hewson (SurfaceMeasurementSystems) -- Hysteresis effects in moisture sorption on silica gel materials
15:40        Christian Scherdel (CAE) -- Recent developments in structural characterization of aerogels

16:00        Coffee break

16:20        Biopolymer aerogels
16:20        Gustav Nyström (Empa) -- Nanocellulose Based Aerogels: Challenges and Opportunities
16:40        Marc Fricke (Aerogel-It) -- To be announced
17:00        Zuzanna Sediva (Groam) -- To be announced
17:20        Isaac Benito Gonzalez (AeroFybers) -- Technological development of biodegradable aerogels in Aerofybers Technologies
17:40        Deeptanshu Sivaraman (Siloxene/Empa) -- To be announced

18:30        Conference dinner

Friday, 2 June 2021

08:00        Registration

08:40        Markets and applications
08:40        Reso Ibrahim (IDTech) -- EV Batteries – the Key to Aerogels Commercial Success
09:00        Jun Shen (Tongji U.) -- Several Chinese noteworthy progress in the application of aerogels
09:20        Kamal M. Seeni Meera (DLR) -- Challenges in the up-scaling of Resorcinol-Formaldehyde aerogel micro-beads production by jet-cutting
09:40        Stephan Möller & Jayson Zheng (Armacell) -- Rapid-Rise Fire Protection of structural Steel: advanced Aerogel Insulation Material and Heat-Flow Simulations
10:00        Luisa Durães (U. Coimbra) -- Tailoring silica aerogels for cleaning water: prospects and challenges
10:20        Zeineb Ben Rejeb (U. Toronto) -- Ambient-Dried Hybrid Silica Aerogels with Enhanced Mechanical Properties as Efficient Oil Sorbent

10:40        Coffee break

11:00        Round table

12:00        Lunch

12:45-13:30 AERoGELS Cost Action
Core Group meeting (invitation only)

13:30        Aerogels for buildings
13:30        Zahra Mazrouei (Empa) -- Silica aerogels for vibration damping and structure-borne sound insulation
13:50        Beat Kämpfen (KZ+partner) -- Aerogel as part of a holistic energetical renovation
14:10        Riccardo Grandi (Fixit) -- 10 years of successful market experience and applications
14:30        Alexander Müller (SUMTEQ) & Sebastian von Stauffenberg (AGITEC) -- Sumfoam – first applications of a new class of nanoporous material
15:10        Genevieve Foray (INSA) -- In operando 3D microscopy & tomography, a path way to meet the specifications of aerogel applications

15:30        Closing remarks

16:00        Aerogel Architecture Award 2023
16:00        Welcome speech
16:15        Presentations of winning projects
17:30        Summary of Jury and announcement of the winners
18:00        Nest tours, 2 groups
19:00        Reception